Front tire width calculator for the 55-57 Chevrolet

To help you pick the right size tires, wheels and spindle combination for your classic

This calculator is based on chevynut's spreadsheet and Rick_L's spindle and control arm data from Chevy Talk 1955-1957 ( Modified / pro street / show) forum. If you have a classic chevrolet I would highly recommend Chevy Talk for all makes of classic Chevy's or for 55-57 Chevy's. There is a lot of knowledgeable people there to help you with your Chevy project.

Numbers must be entered as decimals, example 71 1/4" would be entered as 71.25

Front fender inner lip width Measure at the top of the fender inside to inside 70 ~ 72" is the stock measurement

Quick pick for wheel mounting surface width

Front wheel mounting surface width Measure with disc/drum in place Approximately 59 1/2 " is the stock measurement


Enter tire and wheel information

Metric Tire size

Tire width in inches

Wheel width 15" x 7" wheel width would be 7"

Wheel back space must be a decimal 4 1/4" would be 4.25

Tire clearance

I appreciate any input, if you see any mistakes or any thing you would like to see added please let me know.

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