55 to 57 Chevrolet Headers Application
This header database is information about how well headers fit in different applications from 55-57 owners from Chevy Talk
1955-1957 ( Modified / pro street / show) forum Header topic thread.

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Starter clearance

Oil filter clearance
Side engine mounts
3/4" Forward mounts
Glide mounts
605 Power steering
Rack and Pinion
Column shifter
Frame clearance
Ground clearance
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Brand Engine Price Header design 605 Power Steering Link Comment
Earl's Classic Chevy BBC ~$600 Uncoated, equal length 2" tube Dimple header Nice headers, did not match exh port shape well.
THERMALTECH # T8023C BBC $375 Full length 1 7/8- 3 collector Tight
Tri-5 R&D BBC $580.00 uncoated 2inch Mandrel bent primarys,Ball Collectors3in,3/8 Flanges Yes it fits Fits Unisteer R&P and 605 conv. use TCI side mnt kit for B/B chevy 1 and 1/4 inch fwd
Williams Classic Chassis Works BBC $779 Coated/$624 uncoated Full length, 2 Primary, 3 1/2 coll Yes it fits
CC55 Ceramic coated block hugger shorty SBC 375.00 Short Block Hugger - 3 collector Yes it fits
Doug's Headers #D356 coated SBC $600-$635 1 5/8" Primaries, 2 1/2" collector Yes it fits See frame notes
Earle Williams Coated SBC 569-839 Full length 1 3/4 x 30 3 collector Grind Box
head to header flange is superior extra cost was saved in other areas
Flowtech Afterburners BIG491001 ceramic coated/ BIG49100 non coated version SBC Non coated 150/ Coated 239 Full unequal length Do not know
CCI Rack Pinion with Borgeson Steering Shaft
hedman SBC Do not know
Hedman #68400 painted SBC 109.00 Block Hugger- 2.5 collector Do not know
Hooker Competition 2458 SBC 159.00 Full length 1 5/8 primaries 3 collector Yes it fits
Stock motor mounts yes
Hooker Super Comps 21121 Ceramic coated SBC dont know Full length 1 3/4 x 30 3 collector Does not clear
Hooker Super Comps, ceramic coated, PN 2110 SBC approx 400.00 1-3/4" full length, 3 collector Grind Box
patriot SBC $275-$299 Do not know
Patriot (Pertronix) H8025 SBC $275 and $299 coated Intermediate length 1 5/8 primaries 2 1/2 collector Yes it fits glide mounts should have removed them still worked ok
S&S out of Phoenix, ceramic coated, 3/4 length, 3" collectors SBC $350 3/4 length, 2 1/2 inch collector Yes it fits
Sanderson Qp1000 coated SBC 500 Shorty Yes it fits
sanderson, C-56 coated SBC $450.00 3/4 length Yes it fits
Ground clearance depends on how you bend the exhaust to clear glide mounts
Thermal-tech #T8025 (un-coated)T-8025C (coated) SBC $150-$250 3/4 length, 2 1/2 inch collector Yes it fits They are Patriots built for Thermal-Tech see Patriot review
Thorley Tri-y #311y-c SBC 609 free freight 1 5/8 primaries to 2 1/2" 14 gage mild steel Yes it fits Ceramic coated inside and out, fit with rack and pinion steering, fit with bell housing and side mounts, lifetime warranty, hardware and gaskets included
Tri-5 R&D SBC $560.00 Full lenght,Mandrel bent, Ball Collectors Yes it fits
Use TCI Side Mnt Kit. will fit Unisteer R&P or 605 Conv. Plenty of clearance for Lowered Tri-5s