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It all started when my wife watched a documentary on the 55-57 Chevrolet on TV, she was so impressed that she thought we should buy one. I had always wanted to own a 55 Chev so she didn't have to twist my arm too hard to get me to buy one. When I bought my car, we were on a family vacation 500 miles from home. I had incorporated a vacation with a car hunting trip. I was looking for a 55 Chev but I had a lead on a 57 from someone I worked with. I really had my heart set on a 55 but when I saw this 57, I had to buy it. The car was taken apart in the early eighties and was never put back together. The car's rear quarters where original with no rust, dents or body filler, the other body panels were perfect other than one fender that had a big dent in it, so I replaced that. Our family vacation was cut short; I had to tow my travel trailer back home, pick up my car trailer and come back and get my new car. I bought a 327 from the guy's brother and had all the necessary machine work done and replaced all the parts in the motor. Nothing is too radical in the motor, double bump 1.92 heads, mid sixty factory Chevy II aluminum high rise, patriot headers and a Isky 270-Mega cam. The rest of the car's drive train is a M21 four speed with a 3:55 10 bolt posi out of a 74 Nova. I changed the stock steering box to a 605 power steering box, and put in Classic Drop McGaughy spindles and a brake booster from a 64 Impala. The booster bolted right on with no modifications. The main color is a Ford bright red pearl metallic with the stock ivory white for the top. The wheels are Coys, 8" on the back, 7" on the front. Tires are Nankany Sport NS-1's 255/45R17 on the rear and 225/45R17 on the front. The interior kit is the PRO-LO design from C.A.R.S. The only things left to do on the car is the headliner and stereo. There are a couple of other things I may change in the future, I guess you are never really done.

This is what the car looked like in 1998.


Here are some photos of the work in progress, click on the images for bigger pictures


Here are some before and after pictures of my interior. Can you believe I paid $400 for that old rusted out seat? It looks ok now with the frame repaired, new springs, new foam and the PRO-LO design interior from C.A.R.S. Still have to do the headliner.


And my future project. This is what the car looked like when I bought it, it came with a 327 and a M20 four speed. I have since put a 10 bolt rear end in it, drop spindles and power brakes. I will take the body off and redo the frame and floors once I have all the mechanical work done. I think I have been bitten and infected by the Tri-Five bug.



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